Eau Claire Slipper Chair - Handcrafted Chair



We had several goals in mind when we designed the Eau Claire Series. The first was to create seating that emphasized craftsmanship. Traditionally, upholstery work was part of a cabinetmaker's skill set. Whether it was a chair, a settee, or a sofa, his/her craft was visible in the elaborate frames that held the upholstery people of the 18th and 19th centuries sat on. While that type of furniture no longer meets the needs of our modern society, there was something "honest" about it. An individual could see the wood and joinery used in the construction of the frame. In that spirit of traditional craftsmanship,  we created a solid cherry frame with  finished back for our upholstery. What you see is what you get: solid hardwood! Secondly, we wanted the seats and backs constructed so they could be maintained and serviced over an extended life time. We don't want our furniture ending up in landfills. As such, we designed the the seat and back so they can be removed if the fabric becomes damaged or worn out. 
Third, we wanted our seating to be comfortable. We want people to relax in our seating and stay awhile.


The settee is our first offering in the series. The frame is solid hardwood with double dowel and corner block construction. A slight reveal in the back panel allows for expansion and contraction. Upholstery is foam with dacron wrap attached to removable plywood panels. As the manufacturers, we are able offer a wide variety of upholstery options. Please contact us to discuss special needs and/or preferences. Can be customized.


Overall depth: 28"
Width: 26"
Height of seat: 18"
Depth of seat: 20"
Height of back: 30"
Fabric (COM): 2 yards
Leather (COL): 18 sq ft


Standard domestic hardwoods
Fabric (COM): 2 yards
Leather (COL): 2 yards


Starting at $1,200.00 com/col