Barstow Bed - Handcrafted Bedframe



The Barstow Collection is all about the wood. Shown in curly maple, the simplicity of the headboard acts like a canvas, allowing the beauty of the wood to shine through. Boards are hand-selected to create a piece of natural art that can be admired for a lifetime and beyond.


The frame is constructed from 1-3/4" hardwood. The headboard is fabricated from 3/4" hardwood. While maple tends to have the most variations of any domestic hardwood (birdseye, curly, quilted, etc.), each species of wood has its own unique "figured" version. We work closely with our suppliers to find uniquely figured wood to use in our furniture.


Shown in a full size platform: 48"H x 60"W x 82"L
Available in all mattress sizes. Can be customized.


Shown in curly maple.
Available in most domestic hardwoods.


Starting at $2,200.00