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Learn about our handcrafted furniture


At Lorin Kinsel Furniture, we seek to serve society by developing products that are pleasing to the eye, function as they were intended, and are durable enough to be used by multiple generations.


All our designs start as freehand notebook sketches. While CAD (Computer Assisted Design) plays an important role in manufacturing, we believe freehand drawing opens up the process of design to creative surprises. Rough notebook sketches, which show potential, go through a series of study drawings, which flesh out the details of a product and, ultimately, lead to a full-scale rendering. These 1:1 drawings are then turned into full-size prototypes, which are critiqued and refined into a final form. The finished prototype then comes into our home where we live with and evaluate it in a real-world setting. We believe, if the product doesn’t work for us, it won’t work well for our customers. When we are satisfied with the appearance, function, and durability of the design, we release it for production which results in products we love and want to share with others.


Our products are manufactured both in-house and through collaborations with highly skilled craftsman throughout the United States. To insure our products conform to the highest industry standards, we employ strict quality control measures at each stage of the manufacturing process so our end products live up to our customers expectations.

Commitment to Sustainability

As product designers, we play a unique role in the sustainability of our planet. The materials we choose and the processes we employ in manufacturing determine the ecological viability of our products and the impact they have on our environment. As such, we choose to work with solid, natural materials that result in long lived products that can be repaired, restored and ultimately recycled.